Friday, August 29, 2014

Euro Beer #65: Marseille Train Station


We actually arrived in Marseille and had a little wait before our hosts picked us up to bring us back to Aix. I waited with a beer of course. This Pelforth Brune was a nice beer after a billion Morettis.

On our way out of France a few days later we spent the day in Marseille. This is the only photo we have as I left camera in locker at station.

Euro Beer #64: Train to Aix en Provence


Finally leaving Italy. Back into France for just a little bit before heading to Spain for a month. We grabbed these sandwiches from a Chinese deli in Nice near station during a break on the trip to Aix en Provene. Fried Poulet Sandwich with asian veggies. The beer . . . italian, duh, which we bought before leaving Genoa.

Club sandwich - blah.

Happy to be back in France. Beautiful train ride along coast.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Euro Beer #63: Dinner in Bed


By now you are used to me calling wines beer, right? Just get over it. On this trip, if it's alcoholic it's beer. We were wiped out and kind of tired of Genoa, so we decided to get some wine and grub and eat in our shitty hotel room. We bought drinks from supermarket up the street. Cheap chianti, pretty good, solid. Moretti. Then we stopped into La Focacceria di Teobaldo (Via Balbi 115r) for some pizzas and whatnot: Focaccia w/ tomato, cheese, mushroom, prosciutto. Spinach and cheese calzone. White focaccia with cheese and mushrooms. We scarfed all this down sitting in our bed watching Italian MTV and listening to the prostitutes outside our window. Romantic.

Euro Beer #62: Cafe Barbarossa


 Seemed like a local spot. Lots of students. Two glasses of red wine. I had a panini dragone (spicy salami, spicy sauce, spicy something). Sofia had pasta of course: Tortellini with meat in it and cream sauce and ham bits. I feel like I need to say something clever about this meal . . .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Euro Beer #61: Pizzeria di Vico dei Biscotti


The atmosphere pretty much sucked at this joint. Large windows. Busy. Soccer game (Roma) was on, that helped. We ended up here as it was across the piazza from 28 Erbe and it was rated ok in our guide book.
We had a Cuatro Estacion pizza and a half litre of wine. Whilst watching the game I forced Sofia into letting me order a London Pride, a welcome brew, bit of hops and home.
Wow, now that is a beer photo. Award winner.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Euro Beer #60: 28 Erbe

28 Erbe, Piazza della Erbe, 28
Seemed like a Birra Menabrea bar. We had all of the beers: Strong, amber, blonde. They kept bringing free snacks out. Good snacks: cheese, meat, bread. It was great. This was the best bar we visited in Italy. The rest of the city was a bit different, sketchy and crusty. It had a charm though. I think we would have liked it more if we had stayed in a better hotel. Our place was a pure dump—worst hotel of the trip. Best and worst, all in one city.