Thursday, November 12, 2015

Euro Beer #72: Wine and Shit Food (La Moños)


10/28/2007:Walking back to our place around lunch we were hungry, very hungry. When you are very hungry you are prone to making terrible dining choices. This was one of those times, but not really. La Moños is a crusty little place, packed with loco locals. Nothing fancy. For 6 euro you get full and a bottle of wine. We could not complain. The wine was not the highlight, but intoxicating.

We both got the paella to start. It was dry, but not altogether untasty.

My cod in orange sauce with potatoes and onions. Again, not bad. 

Sofia's merluza frita. Ok. She seemed to like it.

My ice cream. Whatever. I am so glad documented this. I bet you are drooling looking at this plastic cup of ice cream.

Sofia's arroz con leche. 

Actually we really did love this place. We were the only tourists, which is not always a good thing. I mean I never really looked at us as tourists. We were travelers. Yeah, travelers. At the end of our trip we flew out of Barcelona. We stopped in here again. But that comes later. We are just getting started in Spain (sorry Jason). And remember this was back in 2007. We've been all kinds of places since then, but whatever, I have photos of this trip. So we are gonna keep going until we are done. #throwbackthursday

Pre-iphone (me having an iphone) traveling.

So if you are ever in Barcelona and you want something local, cheap, crazy, sorta gross, but not really terrible:

La Moños
Carrer de l'Hospital, 93

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