Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Euro Beer #71: Walk Around San Miguel Especiales


First full day in Barcelona. We walked/skated around mostly. And drank some brews as we went. Like Estrella Damm, San Miguel is ubiquitous in Barcelona (and throughout Spain).


Austin Beer Guide Fall/Winter Issue Release Party

Beer List for Tomorrow's Austin Beer Guide Issue Release Party
Austin Beerworks
Wet Hop Heavy Machinery and Mondo Pale series (one malt bill, three yeast strains, three hop additions, three different beers)

Community Beer Company
Funnel Cake 
Mosiac IPA

Hops & Grain
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter Culture

Jester King Brewery
Estival Dichotomous

Oasis, Texas Brewing Company
Whiskey Shakes (a bourbon barrel-aged version of Early Morning Shakes - a coffee pale)

Pinthouse Pizza
Deep Water (ABG collaboration - an oily hop future IPA)
Deep Throat (cask conditioned and extra hopped of the later), and Wet Hop IPA (duh)

Zilker Brewing Company
Pale Brett Cask (brett, fresh herbs from the Zilker garden and primed with light Belgian candy syrup, aged for 3 months)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Euro Beer #70: Estrella Damm


We arrived late to Barcelona. We dropped our bags at our apartment and went for beer and snack. Random stop in Plaça Reial (Plaza Real): Cerveceria Canarias. We slugged down some half litres of Estrella Damm.

Had some patatas alioli. Pretty tasty. 

The next morning I had a big ole gringo-ish breakfast at La Gloria Restaurant near cathedral on Via Laietana.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Euro Beer #69: Jenlain Ambrée on the Train

I am gonna finish this shit if it kills me. So what if this trip happened 8 years ago. . . So what if we have been back to Europe since this trip. . . This is the project I started. And I am gonna finish. At least you don't have to stare at that Total Wine post anymore. I know you have been here since May, just waiting for me to blog. Well the summer is over. Here it is. #Waybackwednesday

Aix-en-Provence—>> Barcelona (again)

Just like Jester King. Not really. 

Then we had one of those amazing French meals you always read about. First course: grilled cheese from train cafe. 

And I guess this was the dessert course.

Are we in Spain yet?