Thursday, October 1, 2015

Euro Beer #69: Jenlain Ambrée on the Train

I am gonna finish this shit if it kills me. So what if this trip happened 8 years ago. . . So what if we have been back to Europe since this trip. . . This is the project I started. And I am gonna finish. At least you don't have to stare at that Total Wine post anymore. I know you have been here since May, just waiting for me to blog. Well the summer is over. Here it is. #Waybackwednesday

Aix-en-Provence—>> Barcelona (again)

Just like Jester King. Not really. 

Then we had one of those amazing French meals you always read about. First course: grilled cheese from train cafe. 

And I guess this was the dessert course.

Are we in Spain yet?

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