Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Total Wine Opening in Austin

Open in Mueller or GTFO! If you are opening something (besides a brewery/brew pub, or a really cool bar) that is outside 5 miles of Mueller, where I live, I don't care. BUT I can't be selfish. I must serve my adoring fans. And I know a lot of you live down south. This one is for you. This is way south, like almost Buda, but still counts as Austin I guess.

No idea if that is the actual store, but what does it matter? Just like Best Buy, you know what to expect, atmosphere-wise. Anyway, here is the info, straight from the source:

Total Wine & More is thrilled to be opening our newest store in Sunset Valley, Texas!
The new store will be in the Sunset Valley Village Shopping Center, right next to the Nordstrom Rack — join us for our Grand Opening festivities starting Thursday May 21 at 4:00 P.M. (Click here to see more about our store and all of the Grand Opening activities).
This is our ninth store in Texas, but our first in the Austin capital area and we’re looking forward to settling in as Austinites. We are excited to be members of this vibrant and expanding neighborhood and can’t wait to dig in and get involved in this amazing community.
Stop by the store this weekend and join us in supporting The Long Center for the Performing Arts — Total Wine & More will be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Long Center! We’ll have music provided by the Austin Opera Company as well as tastings with Wagner Family of Wines, Fall Creek Vineyards, Austin Eastciders in our Brewery District! We will also have giveaways and other in-store events like Gentleman Jack Whiskey, Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Jack Daniels Single Barrel bottle engraving and tasting—come in and explore our incredible selection of local products, craft beers, wines and spirits.
Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the upcoming events and latest product arrivals at our newest store in Texas.
Already planning on joining us for our Grand Opening events? Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #totalwineGO. Our social team will be sharing the very best experiences and photos on our social accounts.

Friday, May 8, 2015

You've Got Mail UPDATED

I was having a beer in a bar here in Glasgow, KY and I heard a song that I thought was the beginning of a Pavement song. The song was being played live by some local band. It was not a Pavement song, but "Jealous Again"" by the Black Crowes, which is not a bad song. But when I thought it was a Pavement song I thought "wow, they are fucking playing Pavement in fucking Glasgow, KY." Also, this was not a bar really, it was a BBQ joint that has decent beer—the only place in town with decent beer. Now I am back at my hotel room playing all my Pavement songs on shuffle looking for that song. I am not a giant fan, so do not have all the songs names at the top of my brain. Still, I am a fan enough to have all their music. I will update you if I find said song. While I am doing this I thought I'd share with you some fan mail I received and also let you know about an event that is happening tomorrow. I can't go. I will still be in KY for work. Onto the fan mail. {UPDATE BELOW}

I received this comment on my post about Bitch Beer's upcoming event:

First let me point out that this comment is basically anonymous. If you click on his/her profile link there is no info or blog associated with his/her name. I am assuming his/her profile name means Dirty Ass Kid. Let me answer his/her comment bit by bit.

Lots of good stuff here. I like all the parts about how this blog is good and other blogs suck. 
Clearly sarcastic. That is fine. A lot of my blog is sarcastic and tongue in cheek. He is referencing my comment: "There are bad blogs. There are good blogs." I never said my blog was a good blog. I've posted less than 50 times in the last three years. It is clearly a "bad blog."

There are all sort of people taking trips and doing things that you could crap on, but you won't. That's damned decent of you. 
Not sure what he/she is getting at. I've taken trips and done lots of things. You just have to look back a few years. Or look other places . . .  Is he/she trying to come to the defense of Bitch Beer? I never said they are a bad blog. They have done a lot more than this blog has done in the last three years. I was pimping an event of theirs. I obviously don't think they suck. 

You my friend have a clear gift, zero content, but a gift. I look forward to future articles where you shit on things you don't like. Its easily my favorite thing about your blog. 
Yes, true, not a lot of content here as of late. I've been contenting other places. Maybe one day I will pick back up on my Euro Beer thing. I mean after all, that trip only took place 8 years ago. Glad he/she likes me shitting on things I don't like. He/she should read my Twitter feed.

Now about tomorrow's event . . .

Meridian Hive is having a grand opening. I guess this will make them "official." They had presale tickets. I can not promise they are selling tickets at the door, but what do you have to do tomorrow? It's Saturday. YOLO. I've never had any of their mead, but I like that they exist. The idea is nice.


So I found the song, duh, it was " Box Elder." Now these two songs may not seem the same, but they way the started "Jealous Again" made me immediately think "Box Elder."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Beer: Adelbert's Pablo’s Pale Ale

Not long ago I blogged about a new Jester King release. Big fucking deal. Anyone that might be reading this blog, already knew about that release. The second JK releases a beer it spreads across BeerAdvocate, Facebook, Twitter, etc like wild fire. Some breweries though, don't have this luxury. Such is the case with Adelbert's. Honestly, they are not my favorite brewery in town, but they are one that I always give the benefit of the doubt to on new beers. I like the idea of their brewery, but a lot of their beers have not hit home with me. And admittedly, Belgian-style pales are not high on my favorite beer style list (I make lists for everything). Again, willing to be proven wrong. 

A note to breweries: quit saying things like "We like to brew the beer we like to drink." Yeah, we hope so. You brew it and we will assume you like it.

Adelbert’s Brewery Releases Pablo’s Pale Ale
Newest Draught-Only Belgian-Style Pale Ale to Hit Stores in May

May 6, 2015 – AUSTIN – Adelbert’s Brewery, a Belgian-style brewery based in Austin Texas, is proud to announce the release of its newest beer, Pablo’s Pale Ale. This draught-only beer will be available across Texas starting early May.

Pablo’s Pale Ale is a clean, light bodied and hoppy Belgian-style pale ale. Loosely inspired by the hop forward blonde ales found throughout Belgium, it is brewed with a unique blend of new world German and Czech hops.

Adelbert’s owner and brewmaster, Scott Hovey, noted, “We like to brew the beer we like to drink, which is why we brewed this easy drinking pale ale for the summer. We can’t wait to share this new one with everyone.”

In keeping with the Adelbert’s tradition, the ale is named in honor of the brewery’s namesake, George Adelbert Hovey. This beer is named after of his son, Pablo. Del was a loving and involved father. He enjoyed coaching his children’s soccer games and taking them on fishing trips.

The brewery recommends pairing it with feta, grilled fish or spicy dishes.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Talk 2 Real Talk (Bitch Beer Blog-a-Thon)

There are bad blogs. There are good blogs. I was gonna talk a load of shit about some local beer blog, but why bother? I ain't gonna be a bully, even though at this point they are probably considered a bigger blog. Can a lesser, wimpier entity be considered a bully? Maybe I'd be a Robin Hood of sorts, blogwise—stealing from the content rich, to give to the content deprived. Only one problem—said blog sucks, nothing good to steal and share with you, my poor readers. So, instead, let me spread some love for a far less sucky blog. Love is what craft beer, or should I say Craft Beer, is all about, right? Who cares if the beer tastes like swill, or their marketing blows, or their taproom is boring . . . they are really good people. Everything is awesome! Anyway, Bitch Beer is having a bitch-a-thon, I mean a blog-a-thon. Don't look at me, I have no idea what a blog-a-thon is.

Basically, they need money for Europe. I'd poo poo on this idea too, but somebody has to go to Europe and it's not gonna be me this year. I'll be there from 10pm-1am. I'll be the one not wearing a fedora. Maybe they will let me do some guest blogging.