Friday, May 8, 2015

You've Got Mail UPDATED

I was having a beer in a bar here in Glasgow, KY and I heard a song that I thought was the beginning of a Pavement song. The song was being played live by some local band. It was not a Pavement song, but "Jealous Again"" by the Black Crowes, which is not a bad song. But when I thought it was a Pavement song I thought "wow, they are fucking playing Pavement in fucking Glasgow, KY." Also, this was not a bar really, it was a BBQ joint that has decent beer—the only place in town with decent beer. Now I am back at my hotel room playing all my Pavement songs on shuffle looking for that song. I am not a giant fan, so do not have all the songs names at the top of my brain. Still, I am a fan enough to have all their music. I will update you if I find said song. While I am doing this I thought I'd share with you some fan mail I received and also let you know about an event that is happening tomorrow. I can't go. I will still be in KY for work. Onto the fan mail. {UPDATE BELOW}

I received this comment on my post about Bitch Beer's upcoming event:

First let me point out that this comment is basically anonymous. If you click on his/her profile link there is no info or blog associated with his/her name. I am assuming his/her profile name means Dirty Ass Kid. Let me answer his/her comment bit by bit.

Lots of good stuff here. I like all the parts about how this blog is good and other blogs suck. 
Clearly sarcastic. That is fine. A lot of my blog is sarcastic and tongue in cheek. He is referencing my comment: "There are bad blogs. There are good blogs." I never said my blog was a good blog. I've posted less than 50 times in the last three years. It is clearly a "bad blog."

There are all sort of people taking trips and doing things that you could crap on, but you won't. That's damned decent of you. 
Not sure what he/she is getting at. I've taken trips and done lots of things. You just have to look back a few years. Or look other places . . .  Is he/she trying to come to the defense of Bitch Beer? I never said they are a bad blog. They have done a lot more than this blog has done in the last three years. I was pimping an event of theirs. I obviously don't think they suck. 

You my friend have a clear gift, zero content, but a gift. I look forward to future articles where you shit on things you don't like. Its easily my favorite thing about your blog. 
Yes, true, not a lot of content here as of late. I've been contenting other places. Maybe one day I will pick back up on my Euro Beer thing. I mean after all, that trip only took place 8 years ago. Glad he/she likes me shitting on things I don't like. He/she should read my Twitter feed.

Now about tomorrow's event . . .

Meridian Hive is having a grand opening. I guess this will make them "official." They had presale tickets. I can not promise they are selling tickets at the door, but what do you have to do tomorrow? It's Saturday. YOLO. I've never had any of their mead, but I like that they exist. The idea is nice.


So I found the song, duh, it was " Box Elder." Now these two songs may not seem the same, but they way the started "Jealous Again" made me immediately think "Box Elder."