Thursday, February 20, 2014

Euro Beer #60: 28 Erbe

28 Erbe, Piazza della Erbe, 28
Seemed like a Birra Menabrea bar. We had all of the beers: Strong, amber, blonde. They kept bringing free snacks out. Good snacks: cheese, meat, bread. It was great. This was the best bar we visited in Italy. The rest of the city was a bit different, sketchy and crusty. It had a charm though. I think we would have liked it more if we had stayed in a better hotel. Our place was a pure dump—worst hotel of the trip. Best and worst, all in one city.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Euro Beer #59: More Train Shit


Lunch on Train, food from Supermarket
Cotoletta di pollo e pomadoro.  Sandwhich with mayo, lettuce, pomedoro, petto di tacchino. Plums. Morettis. Later on we had pizza coperta - Foccacia with tomato sundried.

Euro Beer #58: Hotel Bum Dinner


Dinner @ hotel
I don't remember this hotel much. Well, it was not a hotel, it was a sort of convent that let you stay there. It was so great. Clean, quiet. All we wanted. And free breakfast (not much, but still). Prosciutto crudo, focaccia, cheese, tomato. Handful of beers: Beck's, DAB, Moretti, Leffe. Plums.

This was our breakfast. Bread and coffee. That's all you need.

Euro Beer #57: Caffetteria Ruberto


Caffetteria RubertoVia Sill N. 16
Following a long visit to the Vatican museum we lunched here. Grilled eggplant with sliced turkey breast—tasy, but not enough. Rissotto with tomatoes (light sauce) and potatoe. And of course some Red wine

Euro Beer #56: Cafe Della Scala

Cafe Della Scalain Trastevere (Via della Scala )
I had a large Carlsberg and sofia had a red wine. Cool ambiance. Young crowd. We were killing time before heading back to our host's home for dinner.

Some old shit:

Euro Beer #55: Pizza al Taglio



Pizza al Taglio (by weight) near Campo de Fiori
Aaron had some Gorgonzalla and salami. Sofia had Mushroom and sauce and Sausage and Cheese.
Moretti Baffo’d Oro beer for both. Yummy, we scarfed it down in the campo surrounded by expensive restaurants full of people paying way too much for subpar food (probably). We ate on the foot of the statute in the center with the rest of Rome’s degenerates.




Euro Beer #54: Pizzeria Baffetto

In Rome.

Pizzeria BaffettoVia del Governo Vecchio 114
Before this trip we were living in NYC, so we were used to waiting in lines for pizza. We know a good pizza is worth a wait. The place was packed. The pizzas took forever, and the crust was too thin for our liking, but still very good. We had a 1/2 litre of red wine. Sofia had a fungui y procutto and I a capricciosa. Our host in Rome said he needs threee to fill him. See it is not just fat Americans. I should have ordered another one.

Euro Beer #53: Shopping Paradise

Snack on street from Shopping Paradise
Nastro Azzurro and Montebovi Lusticino breadsticks. Good snack for sightseeing.


Euro Beer #52: Train Beers

Shared a panini from some stand—prosciutto, cheese on focaccia with olives. Fischer and Peroni beers from Conad Supermaket.


Euro Beer #51: Peri Paolo Bottiglieria Ed Enoteca/Laundromat

Peri Paolo Bottiglieria Ed Enoteca
Via Maggio 5/R
Awesome wine shop. Friendly shop owner. Bought a bottle of Parentini 2005 Chianti, which we later paired with the finest of italian Lays chips—San Carlo Rustico. We enjoyed this divine paring whilst washing our clothes in a Florence laundromat. We met two Spanish girls and saw two kids making out who got caught by the girl's brother. The boy was extremely embarresed. Good wine, good time. One of my favorite moments from Florence, which by the way did not live up to the hype. It was one of the most disappointing cities I've visited in Europe. Rome is much more up my alley.