Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Euro Beer #50: Street Beer

While waiting for our host, who we later dubbed Ursala, we drank a beer in the street. Ursala was a chain smoker and lived in a straight up hovel.

Osteria Santo SpiritouPiazza S. Spirito, 16/R
After jetting from Ursala’s casa we stumbled upon this jewel. Kickass apricot and cheese (ricotta) appetizer. I had pizza with prosciutto and cheese. Very tasty. Sofia had gnocchi, in cheese and truffle oil. It was good but not the best gnocchi we’ve had. It got old, too much of a good thing. Moretti beer. Next to us was a couple of moronic American students talking about the stupidest drivel, unlike us of course.

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