Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beer Wars on DVD

After the wonderful (read: lame) reviews of Beer Wars, you can bet yr ass I ain't buying a copy. I noticed today that Netflix had it listed, only to Save for now though...hold on.

I can't remember why I decided to make this post, seriously, why would you care that I have Beer Wars in my Netflix queue?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Didya Know

BrewDog is in TX. Yeah, I hadn't heard about this either, till today. Good news, obviously. I'd like some Hardcore IPA for July 4th. Nothing like celebrating our independence with a Scottish craft beer.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is happening

Happy Bday Real Ale! Sorry I could not make it to your party today. My parents were in town and they only drink MGD. And damn, it was bloody hot! I hope you and your friends were able to bare the 100+ degree heat. Cheers!

Parent Patrol

I've been out of commission the past few days. Folks in from Florida. Stressin' for sure. Luckily, these are available now in Austin:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Pour: A Beer, Please, and a (Good) Menu

Christopher Smith for The New York Times

Eric Asimov, nytimes writer and blogger who does not cover beer enough, checks in with a look at NYC hits and misses regarding beer bars and food menus. This sort of relates to my post from Monday. You think he read my post and decided to write this piece? Fat chance. Very fat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A fair bit of discussion (starting with Paul, who seemed to be start a conversation that seemed some were just waiting to happen) is going on over at BA about the smoke levels of Shiner Smokehaus. I know I sort of raved about it. Obviously the smoke level is weak. It's dumbed down for the bonehead mass audience, to quote George Costanza. I thought it was good, but remember, I always have very low expectations for Shiner. Some other thoughts:

Pint Log
Travis Poling
All Good Beer

Monday, June 22, 2009

Better Beer Selection at Austin's Better Restaurants

It seems like no restaurant in Austin can open without migas on the menu. Don't get me wrong, I love texmex as much as any other Austin yuppie. But a man can only eat so many breakfast tacos. It is refreshing to see restaurants like Parkside becoming more popular in Austin.

But there is a problem. Most of these places have delicious, inspired food menus and then offer shite as far as beer goes. Come on. If I am spending good money for good food at least give me something better than Fat Tire to choose from.

I have made my displeasure known. And there is good news from Parkside (from their new sommelier):

Thanks for the note. I have just come on at Parkside as of last week to head up the wine and beverage program and I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, I had just changed the beer headings the day before you sent this out, I’m happy to say. Look in the future for more local options (St. Arnolds, Independence) and more German and Belgian options. It’ll take a bit of time to have it where I’m completely happy with our selection but I would expect that certainly by the end of the summer the wine and beer list will be the most interesting in Austin

Friday, June 19, 2009


The American Craft Beer Fest is this weekend in Boston. I'm jealous. It seems like a good time.

Luckily, or unluckily, you can follow the action on Twitter, sort of.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hyde Park Beer Hunt

I live in Hyde Park, in Austin. As you know I've been looking for those damn Allagash beers lately (see below). I've heard reports of them here and there around TX. This weekend I plan on making a trip to Grapevine. If anyone has it, I guess they would. Today I checked Hyde Park Market and Central Market.

First Hyde Park Market:

I've wanted this for awhile now. HPM had it for 15.99 bucks. Ridiculous! A whole three dollars more than most places. HPM has a good selection, but the prices are just too much to handle.

They also had this. IPA from Michigan Brewing Co. I heard nothing of this, where did they come from? Later I learned they are the same brewery who brews the Celis series. I checked around and they seem pretty well rated. Some day, not today.

Now, Central Market:

Brooklyn Local 1 - $6.99!! Obviously, a must buy.

And then I saw this. Redhook Limited Tripel. In the past, Redhook has not exactly wowed me. But I decided to give this one a shot. And surprise, surprise it's good. Well done Redhook, you got me.

No bloody Allagash though.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Avery 16

Soon. I mean the Clear Lake Specs has it. Where is Clear Lake? We must be gettin it, right?

Spicy Food + Hoppy Beers

Can we please stop the whole "IPAs are great with spicy food" thing. I think I read three items today in various places about hoppier beers being awesome with spicy food. They suck together (granted "I think" they suck together, and that is all that matters around here). This mixture of hops and heat is just annoying. Stouts are a much better pairing for spicy foods. Porters, bocks, dopplebocks, malty pale ales, just nothing hoppy.

Did this all start with IPAs' connection to India and Indian food generally being spicy? A mild curry and a douple IPA - bloody lovely. Just keep it away from the heat!

No Saint Arnold "Christmas in July" This Year

Sort of. From Frank @ Saint Arnold:
Due to capacity issues, moving to a new brewery, etc., Christmas in July is limited to a handful of Christmas casks from 2008 that have been cellared in Hou/Aus/DFW.
Look for it to be back in 2010!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drunk Pig

I saw this on Brookston this morning.

I always hated Tiny Toons. The best part of the cartoon is their "bum outfits" after becoming drunks. Hip threads!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Typical liberal elitist, drinking beer from a fancy wine glass. Dark beer, what!


I failed to score any of the three Allagash beer's below. And to answer Paul's question, I have no idea if it is even available. I saw someone post on BeerAdvocate that it was in (or coming in) to Houston, I think. I just assumed it would be in Austin. Wrong, at least at the places I checked (Hyde Park Market, Central Market, HEB, Specs on Airport). Other than that, I got nothing for you.

Check out Beer Town Austin's Ginger Man post in the meantime.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

To Do

High on my list of to-dos this weekend is to get one (or all three) of these beers. I think they are available now. I'll let you know if I am successful.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greg Koch @ Flying Saucer

First I thought they were going to have the Imperial Russian Stout on tap. No. Only bombers. I shared one with Mike.

Second Greg from Stone was there. He was sitting at the table with Jonathan when I arrived. People love this guy. He is a beer rock star. I'm sort of unaffected. I like Stone beers. But I don't fawn over them like so many. Their IPA is great and you can get it in Brownsville, TX. Arrogant Bastard, not my favorite by far, but at least it's original. Old Guardian, ok. Imperial Russian Stout, decent (I would rather have a Yeti or even a Left Hand any day).

He seemed like a decent guy. He was there signing bottles and kissing babies. This probably has nothing to do with the quality of a man and is probably severely petty, but he had his black shirt tucked into his white shorts. Maybe it's just me, but that is no way for a rockstar to dress.

New Belgium Bombs

Saw these both in Central Market last night. La Folie was $13.99, a bit steep.

Greg Koch at Saucer Tonight

Mr. Koch and the Austin Flying Saucer will be tapping Imperial Russian stout @ 7pm. I'd like to make it, but will most likely be on diaper duty.

If I did go, I'd ask Greg to say "but not anymore" with those puppy dog eyes. Not really, I'm all talk. You think he would do it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lou Pepe Kriek

We should have named our kid Lou Pepe. Sofia would have loved that. Awhile back I traded for a bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe to help celebrate the arrival of our first born. It was specifically for Sofia and meant to be her "official" first beer after pregnancy. Tonight we drink it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shiner Smokehaus - UPDATED

Has anyone tried it? I bought a sixpack yesterday. Yet to enjoy one. My mother in law had one. I asked her if it was "hammy" or like "bacon." "No, why?" was her response. To me, this did not bode well for Smokehaus. I am planning on having one with Schlotzsky's today. It BETTER be good.

**UPDATE: Now I can say I have a favorite Shiner beer. This one fits easily in that spot. Light smoke aroma and flavor works well with this beer. It is not nearly as smoky as Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier, but that was to be expected I guess. Super drinkable, refreshing. CLICHE WARNING: Perfect for a hot Texas summer day, bbq-ing of course. I was so impressed with this beer, I am going to go back to HEB to pick up the twelve pack (10.99).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Worthy Excuse

I finally have an excuse for not posting. Childbirth.

Santiago was born Friday and we have been busy getting to know him.

Things should slowly pick back up around here.

Duvel was perfect for a "Welcome to Earth" toast!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

All beers, All maps

Come on, I know you love these things. Via Life's too short to drink bad beer

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Midas Touch - Saucer - Tomorrow

Tapping tomorrow as part of their rare beer Thursday nights.

Shiner v. Stone, not really

Anybody seen it. It should be here soon. If I could get on my damn facebook, I could post some pics of Smokehaus being bottled. As I have said before, I love a smoked beer. Speaking of smoke beers, I still have not seen this, maybe this fall.

I know, I know, Stone again. Well, I couldn't let it pass without mentioning this. I was at Whole Foods today during my lunch break trying to find sugar-free lollipops (a birthing thing, so I am told). And of course I could not go to Whole Foods without swinging through their "beer alley." What did my brown little eyes see, but Stone Imperial Russian Stout for around $6.50. Get you some!

Personally, I am more excited for the Shiner Smokehaus.

Hennepin Baby

I've been on a serious Hennepin kick. Not sure why. Maybe it's the weather. It started this weekend. I had a 750ml. Then yesterday I bought a four pack of 12oz. Meanwhile, things have slowed down around the blog - this is due to me trying to become a father. Come on baby, just get out here. We are past due, well my wife is past due. Tomorrow, it's gonna be tomorrow, I know it. For now, I'll have a Hennepin.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Beer-y Map

Aren't these just a gas!


Real Ale 13th Anniversary

Saturday, June 27, 12-5 PM

Isn't the Obama/Shepard Fairey thing over now. Let's all agree that this will be the last application (a pretty bad one).

Still waiting for this one

We made schnitzel last night. This would have been a nice addition. Instead I had to "settle" for a couple hefeweizens from my favorite brewery, world wide-ish.