Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Euro Beer #41: Ristorante Al Cantinone

 This is the wine we drank at lunch. It was dark and photos were not happening. It was a good lunch, so I'll include this:

Ristorante Al Cantinone
Via Donizetti, 25/a
Bergamo, Italy
This restaurant was near the funicular. We did not have a lot of time before having to catch our train to Padova. Before eating Sofia and I had a fight.Two house red wines. Bread and bread sticks. Gnocchi and Vitello Tonnato (like veal carpaccio) with sauce for Aaron. Gnocchi and local smoked dried cured ham salad for Sofia. This was a very good meal for a great value. We were both happy after lunch.

Some other photos:

 This pizza looked good. Wish I ate some.

Ok, if yr ever in Bergamo check this place out and let me know how it is. It was closed when we went by.

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