Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Talk 2 Real Talk (Bitch Beer Blog-a-Thon)

There are bad blogs. There are good blogs. I was gonna talk a load of shit about some local beer blog, but why bother? I ain't gonna be a bully, even though at this point they are probably considered a bigger blog. Can a lesser, wimpier entity be considered a bully? Maybe I'd be a Robin Hood of sorts, blogwise—stealing from the content rich, to give to the content deprived. Only one problem—said blog sucks, nothing good to steal and share with you, my poor readers. So, instead, let me spread some love for a far less sucky blog. Love is what craft beer, or should I say Craft Beer, is all about, right? Who cares if the beer tastes like swill, or their marketing blows, or their taproom is boring . . . they are really good people. Everything is awesome! Anyway, Bitch Beer is having a bitch-a-thon, I mean a blog-a-thon. Don't look at me, I have no idea what a blog-a-thon is.

Basically, they need money for Europe. I'd poo poo on this idea too, but somebody has to go to Europe and it's not gonna be me this year. I'll be there from 10pm-1am. I'll be the one not wearing a fedora. Maybe they will let me do some guest blogging.  


DAK said...

Lots of good stuff here. I like all the parts about how this blog is good and other blogs suck. There are all sort of people taking trips and doing things that you could crap on, but you won't. That's damned decent of you. You my friend have a clear gift, zero content, but a gift. I look forward to future articles where you shit on things you don't like. Its easily my favorite thing about your blog.

Machuca said...

Thanks for reading.