Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Beer: Adelbert's Pablo’s Pale Ale

Not long ago I blogged about a new Jester King release. Big fucking deal. Anyone that might be reading this blog, already knew about that release. The second JK releases a beer it spreads across BeerAdvocate, Facebook, Twitter, etc like wild fire. Some breweries though, don't have this luxury. Such is the case with Adelbert's. Honestly, they are not my favorite brewery in town, but they are one that I always give the benefit of the doubt to on new beers. I like the idea of their brewery, but a lot of their beers have not hit home with me. And admittedly, Belgian-style pales are not high on my favorite beer style list (I make lists for everything). Again, willing to be proven wrong. 

A note to breweries: quit saying things like "We like to brew the beer we like to drink." Yeah, we hope so. You brew it and we will assume you like it.

Adelbert’s Brewery Releases Pablo’s Pale Ale
Newest Draught-Only Belgian-Style Pale Ale to Hit Stores in May

May 6, 2015 – AUSTIN – Adelbert’s Brewery, a Belgian-style brewery based in Austin Texas, is proud to announce the release of its newest beer, Pablo’s Pale Ale. This draught-only beer will be available across Texas starting early May.

Pablo’s Pale Ale is a clean, light bodied and hoppy Belgian-style pale ale. Loosely inspired by the hop forward blonde ales found throughout Belgium, it is brewed with a unique blend of new world German and Czech hops.

Adelbert’s owner and brewmaster, Scott Hovey, noted, “We like to brew the beer we like to drink, which is why we brewed this easy drinking pale ale for the summer. We can’t wait to share this new one with everyone.”

In keeping with the Adelbert’s tradition, the ale is named in honor of the brewery’s namesake, George Adelbert Hovey. This beer is named after of his son, Pablo. Del was a loving and involved father. He enjoyed coaching his children’s soccer games and taking them on fishing trips.

The brewery recommends pairing it with feta, grilled fish or spicy dishes.

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Sarah Zomper Haney said...

Thanks for sharing our news! We hope you get the opportunity to try Pablo's Pale Ale... and be proven wrong :)

- Sarah, GM of Adelbert's