Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Orlando

Going to Orlando for Christmas next week. Time to check into what is going on beer wise lately in my home town.

This place is opening soon, not soon enough for our visit though:

January 28 has been set for the grand opening of Shipyard Brewery & Emporium, the brewpub/cafe from the Maine-based beer maker. You can expect a soft opening before that date, but no decision has been made as to when customers will be accepted.

Shipyard Emporium will be at 200 W. Fairbanks Ave. in Winter Park in the building that most recently held Strollo’s Cucina Due. It was also the site of the original Dexter’s of Winter Park. Shipyard will brew its own beers on the premises, but only in small batches.

The cuisine part of the operation will be under the direction of Joslyn Tusa, a graduate of Southeastern Culinary Academy. No menu has been set, according to Shipyard spokeswoman Tami Kennedy, but the official logo, seen here, refers to the Emporium as a "market, bakery & brew pub." Tony Adams of Big Wheel Provisions had previously been attached to the project but is no longer.

I mean it's Shipyard, but it will still be cool to check out next time I am down there.

There are a few World of Beers now in Central Florida, but luckily there is also one about five minutes from my parents' house. Nice.

photo: Evan Gordon

And of course Knightly Spirits is close at hand. Actually it's not so close now, damn! They moved 15 minutes further away.

I need to finally check out this place.

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