Monday, July 25, 2011

Lone Star Giving Away Land

Originally posted on ABG.

Free land! How is that for a promotion. Listen, we are not snobby enough to say we don't drink Lone Star. We mostly cover Austin (and TX) CRAFT beer, but we enjoy a Lone Star from time to time. There is a time and place for almost any beer. But really, you don't see no craft breweries giving away LAND! (I think that girl would be your neighbor. She can't wait for you to move in.) Lone Star does and all they ask for is some personal information, confidential of course.

They even ask you to choose a favorite band. None of those are my favorite. Actually, I've only heard about Big & Rich from that list, so I chose them.

And what do you know, I am a winner! I feel special.

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Sarah Loyd said...

I kinda get the sense that when that gal floats the river, she doesn't need a tube.