Monday, October 22, 2012

Austin Beer Week: The Worst 5!

Austin Beer Week

It's the third day of the third year of Austin Beer Week. Lots of good stuff going on, like yesterday's ABG Bike Pub Crawl. It was amazing and hopefully you did not miss it. But there is also some bad stuff. Let's keep it special folks. Try, a little bit.

Whoah, $1 off beers. Get there before 7 though. After that you will have to shell out the big bucks. Uncle Billy's has great beers, but this is hardly worthy enough to make the calender. Don't worry if you miss it, they are doing it again the 25th. And every week till the end of time.

4. Never mind, this is a stupid list. Go to what you want. You already missed the bike pub crawl, so your week is ruined.





Kevin said...

Cool list dude.

Uncle Billys Lake Travis said...

Just an FYI...we are doing 2.5 pints at the lake every day this week and we have $ 2.5 pints at our Hoppy Halloween party on Saturday!

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