Tuesday, January 6, 2015

100 Best Beer Bars in Austin

This is the most important thing I've ever done. Yes, this is a blatant rip off of DRAFT Mag. This started as a Twitter joke, but then I realized how easy it would be. Making magazines is simple. Let me know if I forgot someone. I might amend the list. If you don't like my rankings, sorry, make your own damn list. And did you really think I was going to include a link for each entry? I don't get paid for this—Bing it.

1Draught House
2Brew + Brew
3Craft Pride
4Crown & Anchor
6Whip In
10Black Star Co-op
11The Ginger Man
12Dig Pub
14NXNW - North
17Easy Tiger
18Bender Bar
19Flying Saucer - Triangle
20Chicago House
21Black Sheep Lodge
23Hi Hat
24Opal Divine's - Penn Field
25Uncle Billy's
26Red's Porch
27Sholz Garten
28The Grackle
29The Liberty
30NXNW - South
31Whole Foods - Domain
32HEB Mueller
33Hopdoddy - Anderson
34BB Rover's
37Mister Tramps
38Little Woodrows - Burnet
39Whole Foods - Downtown
41Thunderbird - Koenig
42Whole Foods - Arbor Trails
44Opal Divine's - Marina
45Hopdoddy - S. Congress
4624 Diner
47Kung Fu Saloon
49Star Bar
51Brass Tap
52Little Woodrows - 6th Street
53Radio Coffee + Beer
54Gibson Bar
56Draft Pick
57School House Pub
58Glass Half Full Taproom (Alamo Drafthouse - Lakeline)
59Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub
60Hole in the Wall
61Buzz Mill
62HomeField Grill
63Snack Bar
64Porter Ale House
65Swift's Attic
67Quickie Pickie
68Austin Ale House
69Violet Crown Social Club
70White Horse
72Cherrywood Coffeehouse
73Nomad Bar
74Hideout Pub
75Opal Divine's - Davenport
76Spider House
77Thunderbird - Manor
78Whole Foods - Bee Cave
80House Pizzeria
81Docs - 38th
85Westside Alehouse
86Docs - SoCo
87Little Woodrows - Parmer Lane
88El Sapo
89Doc's Bar and Grill - Brodie
90Cain and Abel’s
92The Goodnight
93Punch Bowl Social
94Trudy's - 30th Street
95Brew Exchange
96Little Woodrows - Southpark
97Austin Terrier
98Pluckers - Multiple Locations
99Buffalo Wild Wings - Multiple Locations
100Cover 3


Anonymous said...

I stopped taking the list seriously when Crown and Anchor was in the top 10. I do not know how anyone can think that a taplist full of macros with a couple of big national micros would ever be considered a top beer bar in Austin.

But, as you said, you don't care.

Anonymous said...

And Banger's out of the top 10... and Brew Exchange, which routinely has unique Austin "whales" like Pirate Bomb, at 95. Agree with above poster.

Anonymous said...

It is like they didn't even try. Whole Foods Domain that low..in the 30s? Yet places like the Jackalope somehow are now beer bars? I mean, I get it, this list was a fun thing to throw together, but they clearly put some effort into it. I am just confused on some of them more than anything else. What were they even basing it on? I will not complain if they had actual beer bars up there, there always be a good debate on that, but listing actual beer bars in the 30s while giving some places that don't even try for beer in the top 10 is just confusing.

Mo G. said...

you're a dick. a total dick, man.

Austin Beerworks said...

El Machuca is the antichrist and I hope he chokes on a longneck while being sodomized by a crowler. #happybeetday

Machuca said...

Thanks for reading!

JWall said...

The atmosphere at Brew Exchange is slight better than Guantanamo. Slightly.

Rob said...

If Cover 3 at 100 means worst and Draught House is first then I can't argue with anything in between. Good job.

atx_beerdrinker said...

You know Nasty's should be higher. Admit it.

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