Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conversion Experience

I posted this today on BA:

This has probably been talked about it many posts, but it's probably a good one to rehash every once in awhile.

What was the beer that helped you make the conversion to good beer? For me it was Brooklyn Lager. I drank some good beers here and there and appreciated them, but I never really got it until I started moved to Brooklyn and started drinking in and around Park Slope. One of my favorite bars was the Gate and my go to beer was Brooklyn Lager. So I guess it was really a combination of a solid beer and a solid beer bar. Living a block from the Gate certainly helped.

Also, who have you turned on to good beer? For me it's a lot of my family. First it was my wife. It was hard for her to resist. She would many times ask me to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner and I would show up with a sixer of Brooklyn, Dogfish, Stoudts, etc. She really had no choice. Convert or die I guess. Among other converts: my sister, multiple cousins, some friends and my mom.

¿Y tu?

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