Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirsty Thursday #8

Note: This is a series of blog posts from another one of my blogs. I thought I would put them up here from now on as well.

Wow. Lord forgive me for slacking - beer wise. It has been 14 long months since my last Thirsty Thursday. But let me tell you my dear readers, it is back and it is back to stay - no seriously.

Blackjack Ale (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
by North by Northwest - Austin, TX
Style: Belgian Dark Ale
ABV: a good amount (?)

Today we delve into the world of bourbon barrel aging. Sorry folks, this one is only available in Austin. You will have to visit to taste. One snob's review:

Just got this after arriving and finding the Kodiak IPA is no longer available. This ended up being a nice surprise though in the end. Appearance wise, not too impressive, no head, black color. Can pull much of an aroma off this one, too many food smells wafting around the joint. Bourbon right away in the flavor, nice warming. Wet and smooth drinker. Very enjoyable. Went well with my burger.

I wonder if there are any beer flavored bourbons?

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