Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Neighborhood BOCK Party with Shiner and Birds Barbershop

Remember the news of Shiner and Birds hooking up? They totally hooked up. In the press release they said:
Further invitation details will be included on a free koozie that will accompany all Shiner beers served at Birds Barbershops starting later this month.

Well, they were not lying. I stopped into Birds for a haircut this past Sunday. I was starting a new job on Tuesday and I needed to look sharp. This was my first time getting my mop cut at Birds. I must say, it is kind of awkward trying to enjoy a beer while someone is trying to cut your hair. There were wide gaps of time between sips. That koozie worked brilliantly though. And BAM, right there on the koozie it said I was invited to a Neighborhood BOCK Party!

WHEN: August 18, 7-11pm
WHERE: Birds on S. Congress, 1902 S. Congress Ave.

Cost? Who knows, I'm bringing my koozie as a ticket.

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Erin P. said...

No cost, the party is free! But, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your koozie ... It's still summer:)