Monday, April 27, 2015

Twisted X Anniversary Party

Yo Twisted X, let blogger know. I would have posted about this earlier, but instead I had to find out about it from some third rate blog, which has one of the worst names ever. When I started this blog craft beer was the shit. I am not saying it's not shitty now, because it is . . . ;)  But naming the blog Craft Beer Austin was never an option. That is like killing a fly with shotgun. It shows no deftness, no . . . craft. Craft Austin, now that is a name. It's slightly ambiguous. It's not too wordy. But once you are hip to it, it makes sense. Also, it leaves room to talk about other things besides beer, which is nice. But in internet land, that does not matter. SEO is what matters. A boring, blunt name grabs the most eyes. So in the end, I am the loser. No wonder I stopped blogging. BUT I'M BACK! So email your news and events people.

Cinco de Mayo marks the day our first beer was sold 4 years ago. In celebration we are holding our anniversary fiesta Saturday, May 2nd. We are releasing a very special beer, Saison X aged in Cabernet wine barrel for 9 months. We also have a cellar release of our black lager aged in Tequila barrels, Señor Viejo. Several casks have been set aside to be released throughout the day.

Ever wonder who makes our beer?? Our brewers will be hanging out at the taproom to chat and answer any and all questions you have about Tex Mex Beer.

Handmade sliders will be served by Hand Helds food truck.

MAY 2, 12pm
Twisted X Brewing Company 
23455 W RR 150, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Facebook RSVP.


Drew Watts said...

Nice blog!! I am glad that you are back to share your thoughts. Well, many congratulations for your blog’s 10th anniversary. Hey dear, could you please help me by suggesting some party space rentals in Brooklyn? Actually I need to reserve a venue for my parent’s anniversary party.

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