Friday, August 6, 2010

Reminder: Sam Adams/Lake Creek Alamo Drafthosue Beer Dinner

Unfortunately I won't be making out for this one, but that shouldn't stop you. Wish I could, looks damn good. Ugh, that Stony Brook Red is sooo good. From Lake Creek's website:
Sam Adams Beer Tasting with Brewmaster Bob Cannon
Tuesday August 10th

Here at the Alamo, we are always looking for a good excuse to kick a few back with some friends. doubly so if those friends also happen to be rockstars of the brewing industry. It’s hard to talk about craft brewing in America without mentioning Sam Adams, who’s always been a leader in the industry while still maintaining the spirit of a craft brewery. Utopias alone is reason enough to praise Jim Koch’s name every night before you lay your head down to sleep. As a part of our devotion to beers with flavor and how they came to be, we are excited to announce a tasting hosted by none other than Sam Adams brewmaster Bob Cannon. You may not recognize the name, but you sure will recognize the epic facial hair he is sporting in all of the Sam Adams commercials. Word on the street is that up to 5% of all Sam Adams is in fact produced by an ultra-craft brewery located inside of Bob’s goatee. The man has forgotten more about brewing beer than most of us will ever learn. And with a puff of Noble hops aroma (which is his trademark), Bob will arrive ready to discuss the beverage of the Gods while we sample various offerings from the Sam Adams catalogue.

The menu will include:

Sam Adams Light

Boston Lager
Stoney Brook Red

Smoked sardines with Boggy creek farms baby arugula and American Kriek vinaigrette

Double Bock

Wurst and Cheese Plate

New World Tripel
Cream Stout

Richardson Farms Pork Belly braised with cherry and pearl onions in Sam Adams Lager with double bock mashed potatoes, roast local squash

Imperial Stout
American Kriek

Summer Berry Pudding with Stout creme

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