Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sam Adams/Lake Creek Alamo Drafthouse Dinner

Unfortunately I did not make it out to the dinner. But lucky for you my dear readers, Sarah Spradling stood in for me. And no Josh, this did not count as a "date." You still owe her one. Thanks Sarah, take it away:

Settled into my seat inside the Alamo Drafthouse theater. The tasting began with a cold bottle of Sam Adams Light and some old school beer commercials on the big screen to get everyone in the mood.

Servers came around with more beer all too quickly…mmm, now to the good stuff. Samplers of the Boston Lager and Stony Brook Red accompanied the first course, a smoked sardine with a baby arugula salad and American Kriek vinaigrette. I only picked at my sardine (ick!), but I found the Lager was the better of the beers to compliment the saltiness of the fish and spiciness of the arugula. I am in no way dissing the Red…it was awesome on its own. Deliciously fruity and sour, yum.

Bam! Two more samplers in front of me to accompany the wurst and cheese plate…I could not keep up—so much beer. This time the Octoberfest and Double Bock. I found that the Red (I still had some left) was great with the cave-aged gruyere and white cheddar that was part of the second course. I saved the Octoberfest to go with the wurst, and sipped on the Bock like it was dessert.

Next up were the New World Tripel and Cream Stout. I was running out of space at the table, geez. The third course was pork belly, squash and super-delicious Double Bock mashed potatoes.

Alright, time for dessert. The summer berry pudding with stout cream was served with Imperial Stout and the American Kriek. Cleaned my plate and savored the cherry-goodness of the Kriek.

The Alamo entertained us with some Drunk History when brewmaster Bob wasn’t chatting to us about beer and answering questions. This really opened my eyes to all the craft-beer-goodness Sam Adams has to offer, just wish we could more easily get our hands on it down here. It was a fun time with delicious food.

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