Friday, August 13, 2010

Saint Arnold Weedwacker Locations

The first release from Saint Arnold's Movable Yeast series is about to be unleashed. I've heard through the barley vine that these will be the bars in Austin soon to be pouring Weedwacker:

Ginger Man(cask)
Dig Pub (Cask)
Draught House(got his today)
Flying Saucer
HomeField Grill
Opal Divines-all of them
Billy's (cask)
Red's Porch


Dan Keeney said...

Just a heads up, it is the "Movable Yeast" series.

Machuca said...

Thanks Dan!

Walt said...

It's HomeField Grill, by the way. We're serving it with our first 5 course Beer Dinner (along with NB Berliner Weisse and Abita SOS).

kseago said...

Weedwacker is NOT at the Draught House, at least not as of Saturday, August 14.

Machuca said...

kseago, the beer is not officially released until August 16.

steveed said...

anyone confirm if these places have it on tap yet?

Machuca said...

steveed: I know Draught House has already received their keg already. I assume they will tap it today. Not sure about HomeField, but they will have it on by Thursday for their beer dinner. Flying Saucer will be tapping it sometime this week for their Hop Fest.

But, according to Frank Mancuso on Twitter:
"Just an FYI-due to shipping issues, half of the @SaintArnold Weedwacker kegs for ATX will arrive later this week."

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the Weedwacker - thanks for posting this list!