Thursday, September 2, 2010

St. Arnold's Tasting with Brock Wagner @ Alamo Lake Creek

The title says it all I guess. This is the menu:
1st Course - See-Food
St. Arnolds Lawnmower : New England Clam Chowder.
St. Arnolds Texas Wheat: Kristalweizen Mussels with coriander and shallots

2nd Course - Taco Party
St. Arnolds Amber: Amber marinated flat iron steak with roasted poblano peppers and cotija cheese
St. Arnolds Elissa IPA: Achiote and Orange marinated chicken w/ Habenero cream sauce..
St. Arnolds Oktoberfest: Braised pork w/ mango and red cabbage

3rd Course - Dessert
St. Arnolds Brown Ale: Pear Fritters and Marzipan ice cream with almonds and St. Arnolds Brown ale Wort Reduction.

h/t: Liquid Austin

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