Monday, September 13, 2010

I am a Craft Beer Drinker

Duh, I have a bleedin' blog about it. Last year or whenever it was, when Greg Koch came out with that I am a Craft Brewer video, I had the idea to make a spoof of it called I am a Craft Beer Drinker. I was going to shoot it at the Draught House with patrons of the pub. The idea was for every one to get more and more drunk as the video went along, ending in complete nonsense. Now that would have been a good video. But I was either too lazy or too busy to fully realize my dream. That was probably a good thing, because the craft beer scene seemingly has little room for cynicism. The video probably would have been shouted down and defamed.

As you know, Greg's original video inspired many, not me, I was just embarrassed. But maybe I am just a jerk. Where I am cynical, others out there are sincere (and apparently more hardworking). New Brew Thursday released I am Craft Beer Drinker over the weekend. I am not going to put the video on the site, but you can watch it here. I know it is inspired, but they basically use the same song, same script, shoot the video in the same style and is almost exactly the same length as Greg's video. Come on.

But I ain't hatin.' It's just not for me. This is more my speed. It may seem to have nothing to do with beer, but I think it's more about craft beer than any Sigur Ros laden cheese fest:


Gabacho said...

Amen. But I'm pretty sure Ali is more of a white wine kind of guy.

Chris Troutman said...

Dude, I've got a video camera and a crap load of emo music. Let's do a "I'm a Craft Beer Blogger" video.

We should do as many dumb spinoff spoof ideas as we can before someone seriously makes them. Save us all a lot of embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Ali was a badass skateboarder but he killed his friend drunk driving - probably not the best craft beer rep.

Machuca said...

I just love that someone reading my blog knows who Ali is.