Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: Best and Worst

Best: Truthfully, I can't think of the "best beer" I had in 2010. I know I had some good ones. But none really pop into my head as the best . . . Peche Mortel was amazing back in January. Ohhhh and Jubel...too good. Sierra Nevada's four 30th anniversary beers were all solid, the stout and barleywine being my favorite. (512) Whiskey Barrel Double Pecan Porter was delicious most of the time. My bottle was perfect. Ok, now I remember, THE BEER is Grand Teton Double Vision Dopplebock. INSANE, no that is too far, it was close to insane - perfectly delicious.

I will also note my great pleasure in seeing the openings of our newest breweries: Thirsty Planet, Jester King (loved that Black Metal Stout last week) and Black Star. And it was exciting to follow the development of breweries like Hops and Grain, South Austin Brewing and Circle Brewing.

Now the worst: Live Oak Primus. It pains me to say this. I used to love this beer. I was so looking forward to it this year. I could not get enough of it last year. This year, after several pints, I'm just not feeling it. Something is off, it's leaving me flat, unaffected. I only include this as my worst beer, because it did not live up to it's past mighty form. Maybe I changed. I'll keep chasing the dragon though. I want my Primus passion back.


Gonz said...

Ive been on a big Doppelbock kick myself. I should give that one a whirl. Happy new year! Thanks for all you do for the Austin beer community!

Anonymous said...

I had read a rumor that the person responsible for Primus quit/fired from Live Oak, so the recipe wasn't the same. But I agree, it didn't taste the same as last year.

Mark said...

I agree about the Primus as well. LOVED it last year.

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to Primus because it was my favorite seasonal last year. I have tried it a dozen times this season, and I hate to admit that it isn't quite the same. It's ok... good even, but it's not what it used to be. I think it was Julie's beer, and I have also heard that she is no longer with Live Oak. My beer buddies that didn't try it until this year still enjoyed it though. I will still look forward to next year's batch.