Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying Saucer 3rd Anniversary Party

This Sunday. Not enough info for you? Ok. Sam just posted this on BeerAdvocate:
Original release 512 Bourbon Barrel Pecan Porter. It has been kept cold ~40 degrees since we got it, so I am not worried about that infection problem some people who warm cellared the beer ended up with. We had a dozen bottles and I drank one a month or two ago and there were no issues.

Avery Rumpkin - This beer is going to be bad ass. 13+% ABV Imperial Pumpkin Beer that has been aged in Gosling Rum Barrels. My fellow Cicerone Matt up at the Moth in Dallas has gotten to try it and says it phenomenal and I trust that dudes palate.

Sierra Nevada Grand Cru - A blend of Oak Aged Bigfoot, Celebration and fresh Pale Ale (hopefully bottle recipe but I dont know). This should be a tasty treat.

Other beers tapped will be:

St Arnold Altared Amber (Amber with Belgian Yeast)
Avery Samaels
Avery Mephistopheles
Allagash Four
Dogfish Head Chateau Jiahu
Dogfish Head Pangea
Dogfish Head Theobroma
Sierra Nevada Jack and Kens Black Barleywine

Come out and see us for a delicious day of beer drinking. All beers will be served in 10oz pours (11.5oz snifters) so you should be able to have a few of them and still remember your name.

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