Monday, February 14, 2011

Euro Beer #5 - Messrs Maguire

In fall of 2007 my wife and I traveled through Europe for 10 weeks. We ate a lot of food and drank of a lot of beer (and wine). Not enough food, not enough beer. Almost done with Dublin:

Euro Beer #5 - Messrs Maguire

This is a good example of when we did not drink enough beer. I had one pint and Sofia had a half pint. The short one is the Haus Pils. My big one is a stout. Nothing great, but good enough to have another, which we did not. Actually, the reason we did not get another one was because we had a bus to catch. The bus was taking us to boat that would tug over to England, then back on the bus, on to London. It was an all night ordeal. It was interesting, but next time I'm flying. Also, next time I am at Messrs Maguire I am having more than one pint.

For more euro foodage and drinkage, go here.

Messrs Maguire

1-2 Burg Quay


See that needle between the boring building and the dome, that's the Stiffy on the Liffey. Stiffy.

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