Thursday, February 17, 2011

SA Moveable Yeast: Farmer Brown's Ale

From Saint Arnold:
We have been eagerly awaiting the kegging of Farmer Brown's Ale, the next in our Moveable Yeast series. It was supposed to be kegged last week and released this week. The beer did not want to cooperate and we did not want to rush the beer. Beer always tells you when it is ready. In this case we were waiting for the yeast to drop out. But now it is ready!

Farmer Brown's Ale is our regular Brown Ale fermented with saison yeast. The result is a beer with pleasantly spicy and earthy notes, nice fruitiness, a dry finish but with a nice malt flavor to stand up to all of the yeast notes. We thought it was such an interesting beer when we test brewed it that we moved it up in the order of Moveable Yeast releases.

It will start showing up on draft in accounts next week, although some accounts will wait considerably longer before tapping their kegs. It will also be available on our weekday tours at the brewery starting this coming Monday.

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