Friday, February 25, 2011

Ranger Creek Sippy Cup Homebrew Competition

Beertown Austin, this is all you buddy. Feel free to call me for recipe ideas. Check it out:

. . . The winning beer will become our fall seasonal AND our Pro-Am entry for the 2011 GABF. The winning brewer will come to Ranger Creek to brew the commercial batch that will be released this fall . . .

Styles: IMPERIAL versions (minimum ABV of 7%) of the following categories:

Category 10- American Ale
Includes 10A. American Pale Ale, 10B, American Amber Ale, 10C. American Brown Ale

Category 12- Porter
Includes 12A. Brown Porter, 12B. Robust Porter, 12C. Baltic Porter

Category 13- Stout
Includes 13A. Dry Stout, 13B. Sweet Stout, 13C. Oatmeal Stout, 13D. Foreign Extra Stout, 13E. American Stout, 13F. Russian Imperial Stout

Category 14- India Pale Ale
Includes 14A. English IPA, 14B. American IPA, 14C. Imperial IPA


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