Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Circle Brewing Happenings

First, they brewed their first batch of Nightlight Irish Stout.

Second, they've announced the date for their grand opening. It will be on March 12 at 2pm (till 6pm). Three free samples . . . buy a $10 pint glass and you can fill that up instead, which (as you know) is always the way to roll.


Jon said...

So I can pay $3.33 a beer for the grand opening special, or I can go to the Draught House on any Tuesday and possibly drink their beer for $2.75. Everyone else in town charges $5-$7 for their glasses at their brewery. Sounds like a great business plan for an unproven entity.
Good Luck...you'll need it.

Anonymous said...

HA, I was thinking the same thing. Funny thing, on their website the glass is $5. They will still probably be packed that day though.