Monday, March 21, 2011

Hops & Grain Stool Sample Project

Every other blog in town already has this up. I might as well throw it up as well:

#1: All stools must be meet certain height and width requirements. Our bar top is approximately 44 inches tall and the underside of the bar is 40” from the floor. All stools should have a seat no higher than 32”, standard height is 30”. Total height of the stool should not exceed 72”. No stool, in its entirety, should be more than 24” wide, standard bar stool width is 16”.

#2: Must be a custom design. Each bar stool submitted must have some level of customization. This could be anything from painting an already built bar stool or creating your own from scratch. Remember, creativity is the name of the game and the winners will be chosen based on this. And after all, the people sitting on these stools will be drinking beer, so make it cool.

#3: All bar stool creators must be ok with other patrons sitting on their bar stool at any given time. You cannot be selfish with your creation and all winning stools will be sat upon on a first come first served basis. Only exception being the Stool Sample Project special tasting events. Here you will be expected to sit upon your own creation, and brag about it all night.
I am totally making a stool. HAHA. No really, I had an idea right away when Josh told us about this project. But since then I've realized the idea sucked. Time for plan b.


Chance said...

What was your idea? I want to make one but don't have any clue what I would do.

You Stay Hoppy Austin said...

I'm going to create mine with a remote control and wheels, so if anybody does try to sit on it, see ya later!