Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double Horn Brewery Open

Double Horn Brewing Company in Marble Falls is open for business. They even had a ribbon cutting ceremony. On offer:
Watermill Wheat: A straight forward, easy drinking, golden colored wheat ale whose crisp bready notes are balanced by a mild hop character and a subtle fruitiness from our house yeast.

1855 Pale Ale: An assertive American style pale ale in which mild caramel notes showcase the citrusy character of the iconic hop varieties of the Pacific Northwest.

Locked Antler Amber: A medium bodied, copper colored ale where rich malt flavors from Munich and a variety of crystal malts are enhanced by a blend of continental and English hops.

Texas Weather Tap: Our brewer’s choice offering which, like our infamous Texas weather, can change at a moments notice and range from mild to extreme. Selections will no doubt include the boldest of IPAs and the biggest of stouts, but will also feature the traditional styles of Germany and England as well as experimental and hybrid styles influenced by the irreverent ales of Belgium. Check in routinely to see what the weather has in store for you.

I think a daytrip to Marble Falls is in order.



honeysock said...

You better call first. They haven't started brewing their own beer yet.

Dusty said...

Thanks for the post and Honeysock is correct. We just got our Newlands system hooked up and our first order of grains and hops in so we'll have our own brews shortly. In the meantime, we have 10 Texas craft taps to enjoy with some great food in the Hill Country. Visits now or later are always appreciated. Cheers!