Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saint Arnold Weedwacker is Back Next Week

From Saint Arnold:
Weedwacker will be released next week on draft. Package will not be available until June. You will hopefully be seeing Weedwacker pop up in a lot of your favorite pubs and restaurants starting next week, especially since we are having a Summer Pils shortage (we sold more Summer Pils in the first two weeks of its release this year than we did over the first two months of its release last year - we won't be caught up on Summer Pils production until late May since it takes 6 weeks to make this beer).

When the packaged Weedwacker becomes available in June, it will be replacing Texas Wheat. Yes, we know that this is a favorite of many of you, but it is by far our slowest selling beer and we hope that you will find Weedwacker to be a much more exciting replacement. The last batch of Texas Wheat is being packaged late this week so it should be available through May.

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