Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jester King Starting Tasting Room Hours and Tours

People have been waiting for this day. From Jester King:
This Saturday, May 14th, and every Saturday thereafter (unless you hear otherwise), our brewery and tasting room will be open to the general public from 1-4pm. $10 gets you a tour and a souvenir glass to take home. Of course, we'll also have some of our beer available for sampling (for which your souvenir glass will come in handy), though we're actually struggling a bit to keep up with production right now, so the selections this week may be somewhat limited. We'll have a keg or two of Wytchmaker and a bit of Black Metal, which we're hoping will be enough to get us through the day, and should be, provided that we're not descended upon by droves of thirsty fans the moment we open the gates. Just to be safe, we're limiting attendance to 100 guests, but we're expecting a pretty light turnout the first time around, so we're not anticipating that this will be a problem.

RSVP here.

Now pair this with a visit to Thirsty Planet and Barber Shop and you got yourself a nice little daytrip. Just saying.

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