Thursday, June 16, 2011

Independence Photo Scavenger Hunt

Get off the computer, go hunting, get back on the computer and win stuff:

The Nitty

We will release 6 photo shots with accompanying clues. Find the spot and replicate the shot the best you can, except with your face in it. Clues will be released this Sunday and you have until next Sunday(19th 11:59pm) to submit your photos.
RULES(The gritty)

  • All participants must 21+, verified at time of redemption

  • All participants must take a picture in front of designated spots. No photoshopping! All images must be original images!

  • Independence Brewing Co. reserves the right to use submitted photos for promotional purposes

  • All photos should be taken on or between June 12th ,2011 and June 19th ,2011

  • Photos should be submitted to via email to , a link to flickr, photobucket etc. is highly preferred. Please name your album “Indy Hunt 8/11″.

  • Submit Photos by June 19th, 2011, 11:59:59 PM CST

  • Individual photos only! This will be a ton of fun to do in groups but each individual needs to submit 6 unique shots.

  • Individual should be clearly identifiable (no masks!)

  • No purchase necessary

  • Independence brews are not required, though are highly recommended when at a bar, don’t drink in public.

  • Completed entries will be invited to a Happy Hour Event Wednesday, June 22nd and entered in a chance to win ACL Live tickets(2)

  • ACL Live tickets(2) not redeemable nor exchangeable

  • ACL Live tickets(2)winner will be chosen at random from invited parties DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! But we would love to hang out!

And the clues? They are here.

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