Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wikio Beer Blog Rankings - June

Here they are again, Wikio's BEST BEER BLOGS IN THE WORLD (actually just the USA)! And I moved into the top twenty, as did I Love Beer. Lee has been on a tear lately. I'm gonna make this a personal grudge match with him. You hear that Lee?! See you in next month's rankings. Maybe.
2Brookston Beer Bulletin
3The New School
5A Good Beer Blog
6Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good Home
7The Stone Blog
8Washington Beer Blog
9The Daily Pull
10Oakshire Brewing
11Brewer's Log (Blog)
12KC Beer Blog
13I Love Beer
14Seattle Beer News
15The Not So Professional Beer Blog
16The Brew Lounge
17It's Pub Night
18Craft Austin
19The Session Beer Project™
20Beer-Stained Letter
21Seen Through a Glass
23Beer 47
24Drink With The Wench
25Portland Beer and Music
26The Potable Curmudgeon
28Musings Over a Pint
29Brewed For Thought

Ranking brewd by Wikio

FYI, this was a "sneak preview" sent to me from Wikio.


Anonymous said...

I only see May on the website? You must be so awesome that you get them ahead of time!

Machuca said...

Yeah, they sent me a "preview" to share.

Anonymous said...

thus confirming my suspicions! :)

Jason said...

Hey, my old Portland blog "Portland Beer and Music" made it onto the list at 25. That being said, these rankings are the dumbest things ever.