Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Draught House Anniversary Party AND Austin Beer Week!

Straight from Josh at Draught House (emphasis mine):
. . . we have set a date for our 43rd Anniversary party. It will be on Saturday October 22nd. This is also to 1st day of Austin Beer Week. Save your strength (and your liver) cause it's gonna be a long week.

So it looks like Austin Beer Week will run Oct. 22-29. Right in time for the fall issue ABG!

By the way, have you seen the cover for the summer issue? No? Well, click here. Going to the printer this week.


Shahana said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.

Travis E. Poling said...

Nice cover for summer (although it did evoke a flashback to an incident with a meat fork, a grill and a den of Cub Scouts when I was 10 -- still have a scar). Looking forward to Austin Beer Week now that I've recovered from San Antonio Beer Week.