Monday, April 27, 2009

La Folie Bottles

What would I do without the BeerAdvocate Southwest Forum? I probably would have 80% less material on this blog, for sure.

I got good news and bad news! Good news, La Folie has landed in Texas. Hopefully, it will be hitting stores this coming week. Beautiful 750ML corked and aged bottles.

Bad News, Austin only...for the immediate future. Don't be alarmed, it will find it's way all over, but looks like some of us will have to make a road trip.

The reason for Austin only is due to the packaging change. New Belgium is switching from 750ML corked and caged bottles to 22oz bombers. Austin is getting the last of the 750s, the rest of the state will see the new bombers soon after that.

La Folie is good. Really good. I've had my fair share on tap in the past month. But people go ape shit over this stuff.

I would be happy just to have this available on draught. It would keep it "special" for me. Especially considering my bar visits have wained in the past few months. This bottle business is going to ruin it.

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