Thursday, April 16, 2009

Firkin Friday @ Draught House - 4/17/09

Taxes done. Celebrate at the Draught House:
So the Widdershins was not universally loved but I don't think anyone can hate Dry Hopped (with Amarillo) Bear Republic Racer 5. Tapping at 5pm or so.
Yeah the Widdernshins blew, but I know I love Racer 5. So this is a pretty sure thing.

Also, don't miss these on tap as well:

Return spent.

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Chris Troutman said...

Friday night plans ditched.
I love Racer 5 and I LOVE Amarillo hops.
And Houblon is one of the last Texas available Belgian IPAs I have left on my Belgian IPA tour/first available on tap.