Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reading Patrick Beach’s beer column in today’s Statesman I was pointed to Liquid Austin:

… the blog covers not just beer but wine and spirits, as well. We're aiming to keep you painfully up-to-date on local events and new offerings, and to that end we're updating it at least daily. (OK, trying to aim to make an effort to update it daily.) …
Good, yet another source to steal info from.

Let’s start it off: Real Ale is making (made) a new beer for the Lake Creek Alamo Draft House.
Now Real has brewed Drafthouse ESB for the Alamo Lake Creek, and the big reveal is Friday from 6-8 p.m. Real owner Brad Farbstein will be hanging out in the lobby and giving out samples of FREE BEER (did I just bury the lede?) while they last. They’ll have Drafthouse ESB and cask-conditioned ESB.


itzsprad said...

Actually had some while in Houston last weekend at the Alamo there (they had some pint glass promotion too). The wife really liked it.

Chris Troutman said...

I got some at the Alamo Village the other night.
Much better than the Alamo Amber... but that makes sense.