Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout

I consider myself a fairly smart person, but I spent about 20 minutes on Guinness website trying to figure out how to find info on their 250th Anniversary Stout. It was like a bad trip. Eventually I found this:

This is the year to celebrate! That’s why our Master Brewer has created the limited edition Guinness® 250 Anniversary Stout.

We used a proprietary brewhouse process that combines the use of stout and ale malt for a distinctive carbonated stout with a clean, smooth finish. This is the first new Guinness® stout we’ve introduced to the US since we first started importing Guinness® Draught in 1967, but it’s only available for a limited time. So starting on
April 24th, get out with some friends and try a pint of our brand new brew!
Whatever. I'll give it a try. It's available now. I've seen it. It is out there....

Read the reviews here.

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