Monday, April 19, 2010

Dogfish Head and Miles Davis

Sam was not just rapping at Friday night night's Off-Centered Film Fest, dude was making announcements. He let the packed house at the Lake Creek Alamo Drafthouse know that Dogfish Head was brewing a special release beer to coincide with the fortieth anniversary release of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew!

They were contacted by Sony to brew the beer to coincide with the albums upcoming re-release.

Sam explained the beer as a threaded beer made from multiple primary fermentations, later blended together. The first thread will be a Tej, an African honey beer with gesho root (for bittering). And the other three threads will be imperial stouts with Madagascar sugar.

The beer is set to release in August.

Sam Announcing Dogfish Head's Miles Davis Bitches Brew Beer! from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

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NeroFiddled said...

Interesting. I don't really think of "Bitches Brew" as a solid, dark beer. It's more funky, spacious, and varied. I'd imagine a double IPA, or perhaps something with "Brett"... maybe both!!!