Monday, October 25, 2010

FS Fall Beer Festivaling

I know we are in the midst of Austin Beer Week, but let's take a quick look back to last week.

Beer festing. First, I missed the Treehugger. Damn. Grabbed a Boulevard Dopplebock instead. What stood out for you? I loved the (512) Barrel Aged One and most everyone else seemed to as well. Brooklyn Blast, yeah. Green Flash Double Stout, great. Had some Thirsty Planet too, ummm, what else....Some other local stuff too, standard fare.

Did not have any food, smelled good though.

I used the port-o-potties, I liked how they had hand sanitizer stations. That was a nice touch. It was reassuring knowing the people serving beers did not have peepee sprinkles on their hands (too far?). Or at least they were sanatized peepee sprinkles.

I thought I had more pictures, but it looks like only two came out not horrible. So you have to look at my goofy ass serving up some Victory brews. Enjoy.

Good time. Better than last year. More beer (I think), shorter lines, better weather.

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