Thursday, October 7, 2010


I grew up in Winter Garden, FL (and Windermere, but mostly Winter Garden). The next town over was Oakland. Stuck between two large lakes and chalk full of mighty oak (duh) trees, it is quite the picturesque town. But they ain't got shit going on beer-wise.

Oakland, CA is a different situation. Whilst in SF last week, I took the quick trip over to Oakland to meet up with a college friend at some of their finer beer joints. The Trappist was our first stop.

Sorry for the shitty photo. All I had was my video camera. This is a still grab from a video. Anyway, the Trappist was a tidy, pretty little bar. Great beers on tap and in bottles, belgian heavy. It was a bit overwhelming, because I knew I could only have 2-3. Must choose wisely.

We grabbed a few, before heading over to Beer Revolution (more on that later). I had a Cantillon Iris and a Black Albert. Both stellar. The Iris was the standout. I want more, much more.


Jeff L said...

The Cantillon Iris link sends you to the Black Albert review, fyi.
I got to tour the Cantillon brewery in Brussels in 2008. It was an experience. A true old world artisan, family run operation. They claim they are the only brewery still brewing lambic with true traditional techniques. The ground floor was filled with the smell of fresh cut rubarb, which they were preparing for an experimental batch. Their lambic is bracingly sour, but it's the real deal.

Machuca said...

Thanks Jeff!

Yeah we visited Cantillon in 2007. A memorable tour to say the least.