Friday, October 29, 2010

Draught House is 42

This is the Draught House anniversary party. It was a week after the Flying Saucer fest, but you knew that, right? For me it was the kick-off event for Austin Beer Week.

Crowd was thick.

Oh look, another crowd shot. Wow. I see some Austin Beerlebrities in this one.

Let's see. We sampled these:

1. Green Flash Imperial IPA - Nice
2. Jester King Commercial Suicide - Carbonation was not there and most knew it, but flavor was decent. (NOTE: I had this later in the week at the brewery's acoustic night and it was MUCH improved. Great carbonation. Great flavor. Both Sofia and I really enjoyed it. Like a porter, but with less alcohol punch.)
3. Widmer Bros Bourbon Brrr - Much better than I expected. So much tasty brrrrrrrbon flavor.
4. Ommegang Cup ‘O’ Kyndnes - Very nice. Sofia enjoyed it, but thought it a little heavy.
5. New Belgium Imperial Berliner Weisse - Good.
6. Independece Braggot - this is only my second or third braggot. I really enjoyed it. Not too sweet. Honey very apparent. Nice. I wanted more.

So pissed that I missed the Bitches Brew. Oh well. Otherwise, good times:

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