Thursday, November 4, 2010

Andy Crouch Hates Beer Bloggers

Not really, but if I were Fox News that would be the headline for this entry. Check out Andy's great post about beer blogging. You know I don't take myself, nor my blog, too seriously. This ain't no revolution. This is beer.

I do think beer blogs have a valid, and dare I say important, place in beer though. Beer rating blogs are a dime a dozen. Nation wide beer blogs...also a dime a dozen. But the local beer blog I think is a vital and helpful resource, not to pat myself on the back. Also, (Warning: I am going to pat myself on the back again) blogs or sites like My Last Pint and Pints and Panels are fun (I guess not so important, but still) because of their uniqueness and creativity.

Wow, what a pat. I'm awesome. But that is what blogs are all about, right? ME and I.

Ok, gotta go work on my brand.


Steve said...

I saw his article this morning and wasn't sure how to take it. In the comments that followed, he tried to come back and explain the post was really directed at professional writers and asking them why they write a blog. In other words, asking them why they write and post something for free. However, from his tone in the post and comments, I get the distinct impression that, as a professional writing getting paid to write about beer, he feels threatened by bloggers who are essentially doing the same job for free. Understandable, I guess.

assurbanipaul said...

Calling out beer bloggers on your own beer blog is pretty ballsy.

Machuca said...

Yeah, he named names. Maybe a bit over the line. Or just ballsy. I'm not that ballsy. Insinuation is far as I'll go.