Monday, April 4, 2011

Drinkin' Beer, Eatin BBQ and Saving Texas

Yesterday was the Drink Beer. Save Texas. event at Uncle Billy's on the Lake. It was my first time out there. If you have not been, go. It's great, everything you love about Uncle Billy's and more. And a stellar view. Don't look over the railing if you have a fear of heights, shit is high up there.

Since Beertown Austin (Josh) and I were repping as a unified front (Austin Beer Guide) for the day, I am going to steal some of their write up (these are Josh's photos too!):

Thanks to the Uncle Billy’s crew and Texas Beer Freedom for having us out for their fundrasing event to help improve the future of Texas craft beer. We heard good bands, drank some House Brown 660, toured the new brewhouse and enjoyed the views. Not a bad Sunday.

If you read this blog semi-regularly you should know about House Bill 660 and its efforts to allow brewpubs to sell their beers off-site. If you don’t know anything about it just go here, here or here to get schooled on what’s going on.

There’s still a long way to go, but it’s not too late to help. Check out the Texas Beer Freedom website for ways to donate, get involved or catch the next event.

Some beers. Nice shirt.

Rocking bands. And look, you can see a little peak of the lake in the back.

Insomniac Coffee Stout - best beer of the day.

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Blatherbeard said...

Amen brotha! That insomniac is just damn INSANELY GOOD.