Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Feast @ S. Lamar Alamo Drafthouse

Still have not tried all four of the SN Anniversary Beers? It's not too late. Alamo is hosting Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Feast: HIGH SIERRA. Drink the four beers, watch High Sierra and chomp on some good grub. It's happening April 18. The menu:
Amuse Bouche – Goat cheese Panna Cotta with bacon and cashew.
Beer: Pale Ale

1 “Pork Chops and Apple sauce” – Select bone in chops with fresh apple sauce and finger fries.
Beer: Jack and Ken’s Ale

2 Mama Agata’s Puttanesca – Fresh pasta with tomato, olives, capers, scallops, and parmesan reggianito.
Beer: Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock

3 High Sierra Burger – Choice ground lamb on a freshly baked buttered bun, cave aged gruyere, arugula and Sierra Nevada mustard.
Beer: Grand Cru

4 Bogart Tart – A chocolate tart filled with espresso mousse and topped with fresh blackberries and shaved chocolate.
Beer: Fritz and Ken’s Ale

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Fowl Birdwatcher said...

You'd think they would leave the Grand Cru for last, but this is the Alamo...