Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HB 2436 /SB 1575

What would HB 2436/SB 1575 do? It would let breweries of a certain size (under 75k barrels) to sell directly to the consumers. It would allow these breweries to have real tasting rooms (bars) selling beer for off-premises and/or on-premises quaffing.

Earlier today, I sat down with a Chip McElroy of Live Oak to discuss HB 2436/SB 1575. Actually we just talked on the phone. I was sitting down, not sure about Chip.
Chip said that this is primarily a marketing issue. It would be a great tool for reaching

potential new customers and helping test possible new products. Sales would be made face to face, with the people who actually made the beer. In addition to the marketing aspect, the bill would open up a new revenue stream, which does not currently exist. Still though, most of their beer would not be sold at the brewery. The vast majority of sales would still be made at third party outlets, via wholesalers. And this, Chip pointed out, is a very important feature of the bill: Allows for sales at breweries without threatening the three tier system. Similar bills have been introduced in the past two sessions, but Chip and co. have a lot of confidence in this "tight, clean" bill


You are probably thinking, "What can I do?" Easy, contact a committee member. Before contacting, gather a handful of talking points from Scott Metzger's ECONOMIC IMPACT AND POTENTIAL OF THE TEXAS CRAFT BREWING INDUSTRY.

(512) Brewing posted this handy contact list for us:


House Licensing and Administrative Procedures
Representative Mike Hamilton (chairman)
phone number (512) 463-0412
fax number (512) 463-1915

Representative Chente Quintanilla (vice chairman)
phone number (512) 463-0613
fax number (512) 463-1237

Representative Joe Driver
phone number (512) 463-0574
fax number (512) 463-1481

Representative Charlie Geren
phone number (512) 463-0610
fax number (512) 463-8310

Representative Roland Gutierrez
phone number (512) 463-0452
fax number (512) 463-1447

Representative Patricia Harless
phone number (512) 463-0496
fax number (512) 463-1507

Representative John Kuempel
phone number (512) 463-0602
fax number (512) 480-0391

Representative Jose Menendez
phone number (512) 463-0634
fax number (512) 463-7668

Representative Senfronia Thompson
phone number (512) 463-0720
fax number (512) 463-6306

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